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Current Exhibition
Savina Museum Rooftop Project
Exhibition Division Solo Exhibition Venue Savina Museum Rooftop
Exhibition Dates 2021-05-18 ~ 2021-12-31 Genre/Artworks Installation / Total 1
Artists JoongKi Geum

SAVINAMUSEUM of Contemporary Art will conduct the 3rd Rooftop Project in 2021.


This project provides an opportunity for artists who are active in various visual arts fields such as fine art, design, and architecture to implement an experimental outdoor installation that takes advantage of the modern architectural form of the SAVINAMUSEUM of Contemporary Art and the characteristics of the surrounding environment. SAVINAMUSEUM of Contemporary Art <2021 Rooftop Project>, which marks its third year this year, installs the work of sculptor Geum Joong-ki on the outside of the 5th floor.