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Current Exhibition
Lee, Leenam Solo Exhibition : The Breath of Life
Exhibition Division Solo Exhibition Venue savinamuseum
Exhibition Dates 2021-06-16 ~ 2021-08-31 Genre/Artworks Media / Total 13
Artists Lee, Leenam

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art (Director Myung-Ok Lee) is planning a special exhibition by Lee, Lee-Nam's in the summer of 2021. Lee, Lee-Nam was evaluated as the second Nam-June, Paik, and has devoted himself to media art work that combines digital technology and works of old masters.



'Rather than the Western perspective, which calls the subject a landscape, he pursues the spirit of the East, which is called 'Sansoo(山水),' and tries to reflect on the self based on the spirit of the'move and unified' that the subject and the object are not separated and become one.'


-Lee Nam Lee's Note-




In this exhibition, Lee, Lee-Nam presents a new work that combines media art, biotechnology, and A.I. learning for the first time in this exhibition. In addition to the experimental work that connects the classical masterpieces of the East and the West, which have been the subject of work so far, and digital information in which the artist's cells are replaced with light signals, the work created by backtracking algorithmic data formed by learning A.I and big data will be presented. In the process of examining the gaps between these works, the artist explores the existence and essence of the ego, checking the point of connection with himself.