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Current Exhibition
Rooted to the Roots of Life: Net of Existence
Exhibition Division Solo Exhibition Venue Savina Museum
Exhibition Dates 2024-01-25 ~ 2024-04-21 Genre/Artworks Sculpture , Drawing / Total 106
Artists Lee Gil Rae

《Rooted to the Roots of Life: Net of Existence,》 a solo exhibition by Lee Gil Rae, is on view at Savina Museum of Contemporary Art.

For the past 30 years, Lee Gil Rae has used copper pipes symbolizing the machine age as materials to express the vitality and creation principle of nature through sculptures depicting pine trees and natural objects symbolizing Korean identity, and has dismantled the boundaries between nature and artificiality to present an integrated worldview where everyone exists and harmonizes beyond differences.

In this exhibition, the contrast and harmony between invisible pine roots and inanimate stones blur the boundaries between living and inanimate objects, conveying the message that humans and nature, visible and invisible, life and inanimate objects, machines and nature complement and interact with each other like an organism, and everything on Earth is connected.