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Mission Statement

The Savina Museum of Contemporary Art,

Savina Museum of Contemporary Art was founded as Gallery Savina in March 1996, and originally located in Insa-dong,
Jongno-gu, Seoul.
Gallery Savina advocated the curatorial researches and led many successful theme-focused exhibitions such as
<Interpretation of Humans>(1996), <Animals in Art>(1996), <Night Scenes>(1996), <Textbook Art>(1997), <Kiss>(1998),
<Landscape of Water>(1998), <Weather Forecast>(2000), <Looking Seasonal Customs Through Paintings>(2000).
The gallery's dedication to focus on curatorial practices set a rare example and became one of the leading galleries in
South Korea.

In July 2002, Gallery Savina relocated in Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul and renamed as Savina Museum of Contemporary Art.
The Museum has been holding multidisciplinary themed exhibitions and introducing prolific artists with unique aesthetics and
perspectives through invitational solo exhibitions. <Communication Between Art and Math 1>(2005), <2050 Future Scope:
Future Lab of Artists and Scientists>(2009), <Social Network Art: Changes in Art and Communication>(2012),
<Artist’s Portfolio>(2013), <3D Printing & Art>(2014) have drawn tremendous media attentions by organizing
special exhibitions that combined art, math, and science in the exhibition.
Those were great examples reflecting the need of our time with emphasis on the hybrid culture and creativity.
Over the past years, the museum presented a number of exhibitions deeply engaged with current social changes.

The museum also has been serving as an education center and provided unique exhibition-related educational programs such as
<The Fun Encounter with Art, Math, and Science – Let’s Play, Logic!>, <Discovering the Secret of Creativity Through Picasso and
Magritte>, <Career Searching for Youth Group>.

Besides its exhibition and education, the museum offers the <Virtual exhibition> space including the past exhibitions,
<Savina Channel> which presents artists' interview clips as well as the live streaming services for audiences to see the
seminars and artists' talk on the web.
The museum has been building online art archives aiming to be an open museum to communicate with audiences.

Through its various exhibitions and programs, the goal of Savina Museum of Contemporary Art is to be a role model to other
private museums as a continuing education center for citizens of Seoul to enhance their knowledge, connoisseurship,
and creativity.