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Mission Statement

”Be new, surprise the world!”

SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in March 1996. As the first-class registered museum (Specialized Museum, No.251), SAVINA Museum has been played a significant role in spreading the meaning and value of art throughout society by using convergence, change, challenge, innovation, and experimental spirit as a source of creativity.

SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art has received numerous awards from the established art institutions : designated as a curator career accreditation institution in May 2008 and as a Seoul education accreditation institution in July 2015, won the Arts Management Top Prize at the <2017 Arts Management Conference> hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by Korea Arts Management Service in 2017. Also, SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art was selected as The 3rd best art museum in Korea: The world-class art collector database Larry's List, and the signing of MOU, Artsy (, which is called Google of the art world, the museum have established its position as Korea's leading art museums in overseas countries.

For the first time in Korea, SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art held a convergence exhibition with arts and other fields. Over the past years, SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art has been presented several exhibitions deeply engaged with current social changes. Especially, <Communication Between Art and Math 1>(2005), <2050 Future Scope: Future Lab of Artists and Scientists>(2009), <Social Network Art: Changes in Art and Communication>(2012), <Artist's Portfolio>(2013), <3D Printing & Art>(2014), <#Selfie>(2017) have drawn tremendous media attention by organizing special exhibitions that merged art, math, and science in the exhibition. Those were great examples reflecting the need of our time to emphasize the hybrid culture and creativity.

SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art aims to be an open art museum that communicates with the audience by providing differentiated education programs that lead to creativity, such as building the first VR(Virtual Reality) exhibition in Korea, broadcasting artists' live interviews and seminars, and establishing a digital archive.

As the first Museum of Eunpyeong-gu, SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art will continuously perform a role of a continuing education center for citizens of Seoul. To enhance their creativities, aesthetics, artistic literacy, SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art will provide a diverse range of activities related to art and culture, convergence exhibitions, unique exhibition-related educational programs, academies, seminars, and cultural events. SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art aims to develop the institute into an international art museum and a museum for the local residents.

SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art's building has a triangular shape. (Design: SPACE GROUP, Building area: 1740.23) The exterior wall of the building is consisted of white brick and the interior wall is made of exposed concrete. In addition, the mission and identity of SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art pursuing convergence and innovation are contained at the building fused openness and closeness. The triangle symbolizes creativity, dynamism, change, exchange, communication, and the sacred trinity.